Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dress Rehearsal

Tomorrow is a big day for JJ.  She is going to get her pictures taken at JC Penny.  These are her first professional pictures since the ones at the hospital when she was just one day old. 

Momma decided that we needed a dress rehearsal. I wasn't sure if her new special Christmas dress fit and if it is the outfit I want her to wear for the pictures.  What do you think? Do you think the dress is too much for her 1st pictures?  Do you like the hat? 


  1. TOOO CUTE! - I love the hat - but she is adorable without the hat, you can really see her face!

  2. I may be biased but she's adorable with or without the hat!

  3. I was trying to get her to smile, but I think she was thinking "Mom, this outfit is ridiculous!" She is going to hate me when she gets older.

  4. I'm still giggling after seeing her expression in the first picture. Oh the things we do to our children. They will always be happiest with the least amount of clothes on, well unless there is a HUGE cold snap like the one we are experiencing now. Go have fun tomorrow!

  5. gotta love a girl who knows how to accessorize, so I'd say keep the hat. She's got the roundest little cheeks I want to pinch my monitor just looking at them. Adorable!!!

  6. Adorable both ways! Hope the pics went great! Her aunt MAY have been bragging far and wide about her cuteness. :)

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