Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Great Garage Sale: Items for the Nursery

I ended up getting some super cute curtains for the nursery when I was hitting the garage sales last weekend.

Total Spent: $3.00

These curtains match the nursery perfectly!  They are from JCPenney, so I am sure they were orignally much more than the $3.00 that they cost me!  My HHBL even ended up liking them, and he normally hates curtains! 

Total Spent: $1.00

This little basket is being used right now to hold the baby's barrettes and head bands.  It was too cute to pass up! 

Can you see a theme?  There seems to be a lot of pink going on in the nursery! 


  1. Great finds! I am not usually a garage-sale going person, but you picked some nice places to stop!

  2. I love it that the baby already has headbands and barettes! She is SO going to be spoiled. Already reserving many weekends come October to spoiling her!

  3. The nursery looks great especially with all of the pink. You have found some great garage sale deals.

  4. I have two young girls...ages 2 and 1 and believe me we have a lot of pink. It has always been my favorite color so I don't mind. I've really enjoyed your posts about the nursery and your frugalista finds!
    Katie from North Dakota

  5. Wow pretty cute items.I love kids stuff.
    I'm a childish person..
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