Sunday, July 11, 2010

Nursery Update: We are Making Progress!

We have made some real progress to the nursery this weekend.  Although, you probably can't tell by just looking at it.
It looks....empty!  Yes, this is a good thing.  We finally got all the extra furniture out of the room! It looks so much bigger without the spare bed, dresser and all my extra junk!  My HHBL also spent today cleaning the carpet.  It really did make a big improvement!  He actually cleaned the carpet throughout the entire house.  What a stud! 

I also ordered a beautiful rug online from Target.  It is a paisley floral pattern that has green, pink, and a touch of lavender in it.  Hopefully, it arrives within the next couple weeks!

To Do List:
  • Decide on window treatments: either curtains or some fabric to make a valance
  • Find replacement cushions for a glider
I am still taking any suggestions you might have for decorating the nursery!


  1. The pink is going to be perfect with the green! So fun!

  2. The newly cleaned carpet looks great. Can't wait to see the finished nursery. It sounds so cute.

  3. I've become a fan of murals. With that lovely green wall color, you could add a meadow that would grow with your little one. Put some farm animals up and maybe a representation of your farm. You should go to my Facebook page and see my kitchen in the Photo section. A friend did a beautiful job, and recreated a scene with animals on a door. My name is Lana Lyons Wallpe, and my friend lives in the Oxford area. She may be able to help you too.


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