Monday, May 10, 2010

Frugalista Style Shopping

This week I had even more fun gathering my freebies than usual.  I spent Sunday morning with my sister who also happens to be an ultimate frugalista.   Hence the fact that I love shopping with her.  She always has extra coupons, and she is always willing to share them with me!   (Check out her blog at

Here is the breakdown of my super savings:


Total Spent: $4.16
Total Saved: $18.49
Total Register Rewards Earned: $8.00

Best Buys:
Infusium Conditioner: On sale for 3.99 min $3.00 coupon= $.99
Shave Cream: On sale for $2.99 + earned $3.00 Register rewards= FREE
Schick Razor: On sale for $7.99 minus $5.00 coupon= $2.99 + earned $5.00 Register rewards= BETTER THAN FREE


Total Spent: $21.03
Total Saved: $27.03
Total Earned: $17.50

Best Buys:
Carefree liners: On sale for $1.00 minus $1.00 coupon= FREE
Crest Pro Health Toothpaste: On sale for $3.50 minus $.75 coupon= $2.75 + earned $3.50 Extra Care Bucks= BETTER THAN FREE
Huggies Diapers: On sale for $8.49 minus $1.50 coupon= $6.99 + earned $2.00 Extra Care Bucks
Kotex Tampons: On sale for $4.99 minus $1.00= $3.99 + earned $4.99 Extra Care Bucks= BETTER THAN FREE
Zyrtec: $18.99 minus $4.00 coupon= $14.99 + Earned $7.00 Extra Care Bucks

NOTE: Be sure to scan your CVS at the Coupon Center at the store because it prints out extra coupons to use.  For example, I scanned my card on Sunday, and it printed out a $4.00 off a $20.00 purchase.  SWEET!

If you want to become a frugalista like yours truly then you need to have a game plan BEFORE you enter the store.  Just a few quick steps each week will get you started onto the path of frugalness.

Step 1:  Cut out coupons and buy an organizer to make them easier to find.  I organize my coupons by sections of the grocery store such as frozen foods, breakfast foods, refrigerated items, etc. 

Step 2: Browse the weekly ads to look for good deals that match up with the manufacturers and/or store coupons that you have.

Step 3: Make a list of the sale items and put it with the coupons you have for these items.  That way you don't forget which items are on sale and you already have the coupons out and ready. 

Good luck and happy shopping!


  1. Ok, I'm still not even in the same league as you, but I did think you would be proud of me yesterday. I purchased 3 packages of 12 double rolls of Cottonelle toilet paper for $4.99/package. I saved $7.50/package and had $4.50 in extra care bucks to boot. I immediately thought of you. :-)

  2. Thanks for the step by step. I am going to try to jump into this game starting next week... I always so impressed by you gals!

  3. Check out my last 2 posts, Frugalista! YOU ARE the Jedi Master of Savings! I made a coupon organizer ( and did a CVS shopping trip (!!
    Megan laughed at me! ;) See you next week!

  4. You impress me! I've heard about you super shoppers that practically get paid to shop, but I can't say I have ever met one in real life! You're like a shopping rock star! But here are my questions -- how do you organize coupons? and do you only cut out the coupons you know you'll use to keep from buying stuff you don't need just because it's cheap?

  5. I organize my coupons by sections of the grocery store. For example, freezer items, breakfast items, baking items, cleaning products, etc. And yes, I try to only cut the coupons for stuff that I know I will use. If it is a new product, I will usually try it atleast once!

  6. Barbara, why are you buying tampons?


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