Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Grocery Shopping...Frugalista Style

This week I was slightly disappointed with the lack of amazing deals available.  Since I really was not in dire need of anything in particular from the grocery store, I decided to take the week off.  (GASP!)  Yes, it really kills me to pass up any deals at all but sometimes, it really isn't worth my time.  I did, however, stop at Walgreens for some great deals!  Here is the run down:


Total Spent: $9.81
Total Saved: $37.29
Total Register Rewards Earned: $12.00

Best Buys:
(2) Kellogg's Little Bites- On sale for 2/ $5.00 minus $2.00 coupon= 2/ $3.00= $1.50 each  + Earned $2.00 Register Rewards for next purchase
(3) Nivea Body Wash for Women- On sale for $5.59 each = $16.77 minus (1) 4.00 coupon and (1) Buy 1 Get 1 coupon = $7.18 or $2.39 each
(1) Nivea Body Wash for Men- On sale for $3.99 minus $3.00 coupon= .99 + earned $5.00 Register Rewards for spending $15 on Nivea products
(8) Hallmark cards- $10.92 + earned $5.00 Register Rewards

Basically, I earned $2.19 to go shopping today at Walgreens! You gotta love it!


  1. Wait a second, is this picture taken on your new counter tops in your new laundry room?


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