Saturday, June 19, 2010


After my post this week about my frugalista shopping trip, fellow blogger and friend Hoosier Farm Babe pointed out that I seem to get great deals on men's body wash quite frequently.  GUILTY AS CHARGED!!  I knew that I had some body wash for my HHBL stockpiled in a couple different spots, however, I didn't realize the full extent of this issue. 

Go ahead and count them.  Yes, there are ELEVEN bottles of men's body was just chilling in my cabinets waiting to be used.  This doesn't include the full bottle that my HHBL just put in the shower this week. 

 Lets do the math!  If he uses one bottle a month, I have enough body wash to last a year, but that is being pretty conservative.  I bet a bottle lasts more like two months meaning I don't have to buy any body wash for TWO whole years.  Not bad since I am positive that I got every single one of these bottles for free from either CVS or Walgreens with Extra Care Bucks and Register Rewards. 

But let's face it, if there happens to be any more good deals on men's body wash, I probably won't be able to resist.  Looks like all the men in my family are getting body wash for Christmas this year.

Shhh don't tell anyone but I have just as many bottles of women's body wash as well! 


  1. I do the same thing!! I am always amazed when I look in the cupboard and find like 11 bottles of shampoo but no conditioner! I seem to have an unusual stockpile of deoderant, not sure why.

  2. haha! I love that you're going to give it as gifts! :)

  3. No fair, I was going to give the guys BW for Christmas! I have 8 bottles on my table currently and NO man in the house to use it. That's sad, really, really sad!

  4. I didn't say anything, but I thought you and your sister were probably building up a pretty good stockpile of men's body wash, but hey, who can pass up a free or almost free deal.

  5. I accused Megan of having a secret man in her life when I saw her stockpile last time I was over there! I think since she currently does not have a man (at least living with her), she should get dibs on giving them as gifts! lol!


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