Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Why I Married a Farm Boy

This past week, my HHBL and I celebrated our two year anniversary.  His gift to me was a beautiful desk that he has been building for the past couple months.  I absolutely love it.  He actually has only been working with wood since this past Christmas.  It all started with a 12 in compound miter saw that I gave him as his Christmas gift.  I want to share with you all the goodies that he has built for me in the past 6 months. 

He built these pedestals for my new washer and dryer to set on.  I wasn't about to spend $250 for each of them at the store.

This handy dandy box keeps all my plastic sacks contained in one spot.

This lovely bookcase shows off my numerous cook books and his WWII books.

He built these shelves for my new laundry room.  They even have a bar so I can hang up freshly laundered clothes.  (Pretend you don't see the junk up there.  I haven't gotten around to putting pretty things up there yet!)

This bench also adorns by laundry room.  It is a perfect place for my HHBL to sit down at the end of the day to take off his dirty work boots!

Last but not least...the masterpiece of his short career!  This is my gorgeous anniversary present. 

Can you believe you has built me all this stuff in just six months?  I better get a bigger house someday so because I see no end in sight.  This is just ONE reason I married a farm boy; he can do anything he sets his mind to!


  1. Aww Kevin is such a sweetheart! Congrats on the anniversary! I think I may show this post to Dallas and he might possibly get inspired ... haha!

  2. How sweet! He has done a great job!

  3. the desk is awesome! let kevkev know i'm very impressed!

  4. Wow. That is a lot of stuff in 6 months and the desk is absolutely amazing.


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