Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Calm After the Storm

Tonight, we got a pretty hefty storm here at the farm.  There was heavy rain, high winds, and lightning.  However, there was a beautiful reward waiting for us afterwards.  It must be God's message to us.  It can be interpreted in a thousand different ways.  I think he is reminding us that if we can wait out the hard times, it is worth it in the end. 

My HHBL and I both agree that is rainbow was the most pronounced and complete rainbow that either one of us as ever seen.  It was so big that I couldn't capture it in one frame on my camera. 

Even though these pictures don't do it justice, I hope you enjoy them!


  1. Gorgeous! I totally didn't believe that a rainbow with two ends existed until I was in college and finally saw one! Yours is gorgeous!

  2. Very cool! We're just hearing the rumblings here as it moves its way into out part of Ohio. :)


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