Sunday, June 13, 2010

Vote on the Latest Baby Girl Names

Since we found out that Baby McFarland is indeed a GIRL, my HHBL and I have been talking about baby names quite a bit.  In fact, some of the names in the running have changed. 

Ruth- This is the name of one of my grandmothers.  It has been in the running since the beginning.  We would call her by Ruthie while she is younger and then she could grow into her name.  I like the thought of an older name as to something more modern. 

Kathryn- This is the name of my grandmother who passed away a few weeks ago.  I am actually named for her.  My name is Barbara Kathryn, hers was Kathryn Barbara.  We were extremely close, and I spent a great deal of time with her growing up.  I thought it would be a nice tribute since she recently just passed.  We would most likely call her by Kate.

Taylor- This is on the top of my HHBL's list of names.  At the ultrasound, the technician said our daughter has long legs so he thinks this name would fit her for that reason!?! 

Morgan- This is also from my HHBL's list.  It has been in the running since the beginning as well.

Melissa Gayle- Just this week, my HHBL's papaw called and suggested this name to us.  Gayle is papaw's first name, so this was his choice.  My HHBL started to like this name as well.

Please take the time to vote again.  It is a totally new poll since there have been additions and subtractions from our first list.


  1. Decisions, decisions. This is a toughie. I love names that have a family connection. Do you think if you go with one of the non-family names that you would use Ruth or Kathryn for a middle name? Whatever you decide to name her will be right for the two of you and her. Good luck!

  2. I really like Ruth! I am a Kathryn, and I hate that all my formal stuff says Kathryn but everyone knows me as Katie. You don't really "grow up" and decide to be Kathryn one day, you know? Although that was my mom's plan: Katie when I'm little and cute and Kathryn when I'm a successful adult - well apparently I'm never going to be one! lol

    So, I like names that can't really be shortened for that reason, and I also like more traditional, family names.

    I normally don't like Melissa but I think it sounds really cute with McFarland, as does Morgan.

  3. Your description of Kathryn has me sold. Such a precious tradition. I am tickled pink you found out while on vacay!


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