Wednesday, June 16, 2010

How I Love to Make New Friends

I have complained many times about my lack of new friends.  Well as it turns out, I made two new ones in a very unlikely manor this past weekend.  It happened on Saturday while I was at work.  On Saturdays, I am usually the one and only manager at work.  This means that I am in charge of many different areas of the potato chip factory.  It all started with me being paged over the intercom system.

It turns out that there was a semi-truck that arrived unexpectedly to be unloaded.  However, we do not normally have receiving technicians there on the weekends.  One of my team members offered to unload the truck so that the truck driver wouldn't have to sit there until late Sunday night.  So there I was on my way to talk to this truck driver.

I headed outside and made my way up to the semi.  As it turns out, the truck driver was Polish.  You see, this gave us common ground since my sister, Gal, studied abroad in Poland while she was in college.  I actually went to visit her in the 7th grade over Spring Break.  In my mind, this made me fast friends with the truck driver.  He must have agreed. 

Before I knew it, he was offering me Polish candy.  I tried to refuse, but he wouldn't hear of it.  So I ended up with some cherry coconut Polish Candy. 

At this point, a little Polish woman popped her head out of the back of the truck.  She must have also agreed that we would be friends because before I knew it, I heard the word sausage.  Yes, that's right...SAUSAGE.  This is how I ended up coming home from work with the longest Polish sausage that I have ever seen.  I once again tried to refuse but I really didn't want to hurt their feelings so I finally accepted. 

So this is the story of my new Polish friends and the world's longest sausage.  Hope this brings you some laughter because I know it certainly did for me!


  1. I love it! I NEVER get to meet any Polish truck drivers! See I knew all the traveling the folks did with us would pay dividends later in life.

  2. What else did they have in that truck???

  3. I agree... interesting assortment of treats in the truck!

  4. I love your blog posts. I added you to my reading list. Would you be willing to add me to your list?


    It says there aren't any classes offered right now, but I contacted the coordinators and recruited class mates in order to get a class in my area!


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