Thursday, June 17, 2010

Frugalista Shopping: Week of June 13

I know it has been a couple weeks since I've filled you in on my frugalista shopping trips.  That is because I have been playing it low-key.  This doesn't mean, however, that I haven't been clipping coupons.  This is an activity I rarely miss; I have, on the other hand, taken a couple weeks off from shopping. 
I did make a couple quick stops this week at CVS and Walgreens.  Here is the damage:


Total Spent: $11.67
Total Saved: $88.62
Total Extra Care Bucks Earned: $8.00

Best Buys:
Old Spice- On sale for $4.00 + B1G1 coupon= 2 for $4.00 + Earned $8.00 ECB=  SWEET
Several bottles of wine & 1 bottle of vodka 90% off....I won't be pregnant forever, right?= GREAT DEAL

***I also used a $4 off a $20 purchase coupon that came from the coupon center in the store.  Love it!

I felt kinda strange buying alcohol while I'm prego, but my white trash hillbilly neighbor assured me that I didn't look pregnant in the outfit I had on that day.  What a relief! 

My wine cooler was looking pretty lonely prior to my shopping trip...

But that lone bottle of wine now has some friends to chill out with...


Total Spent: $22.75
Total Saved: $17.50
Total Register Rewards Earned: $9.00

Best Buys:
Nivea Body Wash- $5.99 + B1G1 coupon= 2 for $5.99 + earned $6.00 RR
Nivea Chapstick- On clearance for $1.59 + B1G1 coupon= $.79 each
12 packs Pepsi/ Mt. Dew- 3 for $11= $3.67 each + earned $3.00 RR

Overall, I spent quite out of pocket; however, the Extra Care Bucks and Register Rewards that I earned should help me in the next couple weeks to spend less. 


  1. Our milk goes to Deans! One day I will have a frugalista post!

  2. I have to stop buying the men's body wash - even if it's free or better than free - or get myself a man to use it! Great deal though, huh?

  3. Ok... If I tell hubby he could be getting near-free alcohol perhaps he'd cvs for me!?!

  4. In many of your frugalista shopping posts - I have seen you purchase numerous bottles of men's body wash. I mean I know Kevin is a truck driver/farmer, but how much body wash is he going thru! haha! Otherwise, you must have a huge pantry to store all of these items awaiting use at the McFarland residence! :)


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