Sunday, August 1, 2010

Another Special Birthday

Happy Birthday To You! Happy Birthday To You! Happy Birthday Dear Gal in the Middle, Happy Birthday to You.

Believe me, I'm sure Gal appreciates my rendition of Happy Birthday over the Internet as opposed to over the phone.  We were not blessed with the the gift of harmony or rhythm in our family.

Anyways, today is my sister's birthday.  Be sure to wish her a Happy Birthday over at Gal in the Middle.

You might notice that it has only been a few days since my own birthday passed.  Gal insists that she enjoyed her first 7 birthdays best because she didn't have to share them with her bratty little sister.  However, I am sure that her 8th birthday was the best of all.  I mean what could be a better birthday gift than a little sister to pick on? 

Happy Birthday Sis! 


  1. I'm feelin' the love between you ;-) Already wished her a HB!

  2. I know exactly how Gal in the Middle feels.:-)
    My brother was born 4 days before my 7th birthday and from then on we shared all of our birthday parties. I must admit it was pretty cool when he was born though as my sister and I both got our first Cabbage Patch dolls as a present from our baby brother.

  3. Thanks! I was looking at pictures at the folks farm today and saw the photos of that birthday in the hospital visiting you and mom! I am glad that you came along!


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