Thursday, August 5, 2010

It's Getting a Little CORNy Around Here

If you follow my sister's blog over at Gal in the Middle, you have most likely read about the Shuckfest that happens each year at my parent's house.  Since I am the long lost sister that lives away from home, I have my own little Shuckfest at my house.  Mine doesn't involve the large amounts of corn and multiple helpers for that matter, but I would say we did pretty good.

I invited the White Trash Hillbilly Neighbor over for the afternoon to share in the festivities.  It was fun teaching her how to use the electric knife to simplify the whole process.  We both ended up with around twenty baggies of corn to use the rest of the year.

Here is our starting point...

So how did we turn that into this??

It was simple, just follow these easy steps.  Shuck, clean, boil, cool, cut, freeze!  Shuck the corn.  Clean the silks by washing it in the sink.  Boil the ears for a few minutes.  Toss the cooked corn into cold water to cool.  Cut the kernels off the ear with an electric knife.  Scoop into freezer bags and freeze for future use.

The hard work is worth the effort!


  1. Did you take Mom's electric knife? She had to use a regular knife in our Shuckfest!

  2. HA! I love Megan's comment! I think I told her this, but I will share with you too. If, right after you chick the corn, you rub it with a dish towel, most of the silks will come right off without getting all the way to your sink. There is always a bit of milk that is "spilt" when you you shuck, and that milk on the towel makes it sticky enough to grab the silks, and POOF off it comes!

    When is that little one due? That's a lot of on-your-feet time for a Lady in Waiting to be doing! Take care of you!


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