Thursday, August 12, 2010

Indiana State Fair: MILKing the Experience

My nephew and I had a great time at the Indiana State Fair this week!  We took a tour through the dairy barns to learn about the milking process.  Did you know that a dairy cow produces between 8 and 10 gallons of milk each day? 

We also learned that there are six different types of breeds of dairy cattle. 

If you get the chance, head to the Indiana State Fair to pet a calf from each of the breeds. My nephew's favorite was the Brown Swiss!

Thank goodness for the dairy cows!  Without them, I wouldn't have been able to enjoy my favorite foods from the fair!  Head to the Dairy Bar at the fair for some mozzarella cheese sticks, grilled cheese sammies, and chocolate milk!

Special thanks to the Indiana Soybean Alliance for the tickets to the fair and to the Indiana Dairy for the yummy food!


  1. How fun...are you sure he's petting a brown swiss calf?

  2. Dang! Now I am hungry! Great pics! Don't you just love sisters and their questions? ;-) Glad you have a great time even with all the heat. I get to work Tuesday in the Farm Bureau building. Hopefully there will be time for a stop at the Dairy Bar.

  3. I want to do the barn tours Just something different and the Architectural Tour of fairgrounds I am going to check the schedule

  4. I didn't say he was petting a brown swiss!! I said his favorite breed was the brown swiss!!

  5. You tell her, Frugalista! lol! I love it! :)


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